Victoria & Alfred Hotel Cape Town

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Victoria & Alfred Hotel Cape Town: The majestic building built by the water

The Victoria & Alfred hotel Cape Town is one of its kind hotels which are situated absolutely bang in the middle of the Victoria and Alfred waterfront. This one might notice is an extremely popular tourist destination in Cape Town. A view through this hotel and one is really awe struck with that Table like mountain that greets an on looking person. A shopaholic tourist would find his or her haven here, stores ranging from being designer ones to being one for craft markets, everything is present here. One can even enjoy oneself by being at a local amphitheater like structure.

Bedrooms provided to people are completely air conditioned in nature. All luxury suites in here have separate toilets; king sized beds as well as tea or coffee making machines. Private bars, for those who love to booze are also available here. An electronic safe is provided in each room, where a guest can keep his or her valuables. Availability of free Wi-Fi connection is also available for everyone.

Present in this hotel are features such as designer spas as well as ultramodern gyms. An absolutely beautiful garden pathway is located along the swimming pool of Victoria & Alfred hotel Cape Town. Ever helpful assistance from housekeeping services is also present here. A separate desk is present inside the hotel premises where one can discuss about one’s plans to travel around Cape Town and take assistance from the locals appointed by this hotel who serve as guides.

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