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Three cities Bantry bay suite hotel Cape Town: Great facility with great time

Located in the heart of Cape Town is the hotel three cities Bantry bay suite hotel Cape Town. Known for its high quality rooms which includes all kinds of commodities such as televisions, steam bathrooms, etc.

The hotel has been designed keeping in mind about the common people too. The rooms of the hotel can be broadly classified into three types, common rooms, lounge rooms, and penthouse rooms. The penthouse rooms are the most luxurious ones which are lavish in design and usability.

The lobby of the hotel is the main attraction as it has paintings from various popular artists all around the world. For recreation, there is always the game zone in the wing of the building which has almost a dozen kinds of games for kids as well as adults.

The three cities Bantry bay suite hotelCape Town is considered to be one of the best in the whole of Cape Townand is really easy to visit. From the airport you can easily hire a cab and reach this hotel. The park outside the hotel has barbeque grills in which the families have an option to have a small get together and enjoy. The food of the hotel is totally organic in which the ingredients come from the nearby farm.

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  • Adress: 8 Alexander Road, Bantry Bay, 8001, Cape Town, South Africa