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Protea hotel cape castle Cape Town: The hotel with a good view

The Protea hotel cape castle cape town is one of the most popular hotels in the entire country of South Africa. The location of the hotel is bang in the center of the city, making it accessible from all the different parts of the city. The hotel is also situated close to the leading tourist attractions of Cape Town, the Two Oceans Aquarium and the Victoria Alfred Waterfront.

The Cape Town stadium, which is also the hub of all the popular sports related activities of the area, is also nearby. The very popular Greenmarket square and also the Cape Town convention centers where different international conventions and summits take place are also nearby. Rooms of the hotels have LCD televisions, which are fully equipped with cable connection too. Guestrooms of the hotel have modular kitchens, beds which can be converted into sofas also present in the various hotel rooms are refrigerators, stored with different kinds of drinks, both soft as well as hard.

The hotel living up to its name is full of different features which appeal to all the people immensely. A very good as well as cheap restaurant is situated within the hotel premises itself. An outdoor pool is also attached to the hotel, open for all the guests of the hotel. Overall a stay at this Protea hotel cape castle Cape Town will be worth all the money invested in it. The availability of free internet connection with the use of Wi-Fi is another plus point found in the hotels.

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